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Full Moon Herbal Smoke Blend

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The Full Moon is a time to amplify the intentions you've set during the recent New Moon. You can use the energy from the Full Moon to spark and activate the intentions you hold close to heart.

Full Moon Herbal Smoke is a magical blend of medicinal herbs that are formulated to work with the energy of the full moon lunar phase. Herbs chosen in this blend are purposeful and supportive towards your transformation and manifestations you set in the previous new moon phase.

As you work with the full moon's energy you can use the full moon herbal smoke blend to help you amplify and ground your intentions. Feel free to use the full moon herbal smoke blend throughout the upcoming lunar phases. This blend can be enjoyed anytime and any day of the year!

Packaged in a tin with 10 grams of the herbal smoke blend. The metal tin is Eco-friendly and reusable. 

New Moon Incense contains Mullein*, Damiana*, Skullcap*, Hyssop*, Mugwort*, Sage*, Lavender*.

*certified organic

Our herbal smoke blends were created for ceremonial, recreational and ritual use by responsible individuals 18+.

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