Vaginal Steam & Womb Wellness Consultations

 Vaginal Steam Therapy

Vaginal Steaming also known as Yoni Steaming is the ancient and universal practice that supports womb care and womb wellness. This practice is shared by women of many cultures and in various countries. Vaginal steaming is a natural form of hydrotherapy, utilizing an herbal infusion of medicinal plants and water. Vaginal Steam sessions should be facilitated by trained and certified vaginal steam practitioner’s. It also just as important to confirm that your practitioner has extensive knowledge of the herbs/plants that are being used for your session.

Are you experiencing any of the following? If you can resonate with any of the following, schedule your Vaginal Steam Consultation today or Womb Wellness Consultation.

Uses for Vaginal Steaming...

Cleansing, Clotting, Cramps, Cysts, Fertility Issues, Fibroids, Heavy, Irregular or Absent Cycles, Low Libido, Menopausal, PCOS, Perimenopausal, Postmenopausal, Postpartum Care, Tightening the Cervix, Vaginal Dryness, HPV, Vaginal Infections such as Yeast and Bacterial Vaginosis 

In Office Services

Vaginal Yoni Steam Sessions - Naturally Devine Wellness Richmond VA

Vaginal Steam Session: $70
Initial Consultation is an exploratory overview of your menstrual cycle including patterns and possible imbalances. Upon scheduling your appointment, you are required to complete an intake form. By doing so, I can properly review and assess your cycle and concerns. Your vaginal steam herbs will be customized to your specific womb needs.
During your session, you will be fully covered in a steam gown and undressed below the pelvic area (waist down). You will be seated safely on our custom wooden sauna over the herbal infusion for the length of time indicated by your practitioner, which will be based on your intake and assessment. All sessions are private.


Vaginal Yoni Steam Follow Up Session - Naturally Devine Wellness Richmond VA


Follow Up Vaginal Steam Session: *Clients receive code after initial consultation
Follow Up Session is an opportunity for us to briefly discuss any changes you have experienced from your vagainal steam practice since your last sesion. This time will be used for your vaginal steam session and to ask questions that may arise or to explore further womb wellness support. Your vaginal steam herbs will be customized to your specific womb needs.



Womb Wellness Therapy

Womb Wellness Consultations are a comprehensive look at your womb health history and menstrual cycle including patterns. This is an opportunity to explore your womb wellness concerns, any nutritional and lifestyle concerns that could be causing pre-existing conditions and discomforts negatively impacting your life and womb wellness.
As an Herbalist & Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner, You and I will work in partnership towards creating a healthy balance within your body along with the soulful support you need to achieve your healthy womb wellness goals. A Womb Wellness Partnership is tailored for women that would like to cleanse the womb, trying to conceive, suffering from recurring yeast or bv infections or experiencing an irregular/inconsistent cycle. All women regardless of your menstrual phase and beautiful life stage are welcomed to sign up for this partnership.
Womb Wellness Consultation - Naturally Devine Wellness Richmond Va


Womb Wellness Vaginal Steam - Naturally Devine Wellness Richmond Va


Womb Wellness Vaginal Steam - Naturally Devine Wellness Richmond Va

Womb Wellness Vaginal Steam - Naturally Devine Wellness Richmond Va

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   Important Notes:

*Clients will not steam any longer than 45 minutes per session and a minimum of 20 minutes if you are in a sensitive category.

*All Clients are offered refreshments, to insure proper hydration during your session.

*New Womb Wellness Clients are offered complimentary journals. If you are called to journal during your visit, this can be a healthy time to reflect or release your thoughts, feelings or intentions towards your womb wellness goals.

  To learn more about the specifics or contraindications of vaginal steaming prior to scheduling your consultation, please view Vaginal Steaming FAQs .