Womb Wellness Consultation

Womb Wellness Vaginal Steaming Yoni Steaming Naturally Devine Herbal Apothecary Richmond VAAllow a Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner & Herbalist to support your womb wellness by creating a womb wellness therapy plan for you.

A Womb Wellness Consultation is a comprehensive look at your womb history and menstrual cycle including patterns. We will review your womb wellness concerns, explore any nutritional and lifestyle concerns that are related to your menstrual cycle imbalance or pattern. We’ll work in partnership towards creating a healthy balance within your body. Ultimately having a healthy and normal menstrual cycle along with a healthy womb is a goal that all women should have. You may be seeking a custom vaginal steam blend for cleansing the womb, trying to conceive, suffering from recurring yeast or bv infections or experiencing an irregular/inconsistent cycle.
Your Initial Womb Wellness Consultation, includes your custom vaginal steam herb blend enough for five (5) steams, a womb wellness therapy plan, and a 45 minute phone or video call. We will discuss your womb wellness therapy plan, how to steam at home with or without a steam sauna, and address any concerns or questions that may arise. You will also receive three (3) months of continued support within this womb wellness therapy plan, via email, phone or video call for adjustments that may be needed to your plan and/or vaginal herb steam blend. Adjustments are typical for those that have imbalances or inconsistency in their cycle. For this reason, you will only receive a starter supply of vaginal herb steam blend (5) steams to begin your womb wellness therapy plan.
Once I have reviewed your Womb Wellness Intake form, I will take time to customize your personalized womb wellness therapy plan which may include recommendations of herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle recommendations. I will recommend a custom vaginal steam herb blend for a steaming plan. Your custom vaginal steam blend will be mailed to you right away so you can begin your womb wellness therapy plan. Also, If I find that an herbal formula, nutritional or supplement can be supportive, this will be indicated within your womb wellness therapy plan.

Womb Wellness Vaginal Yoni Steaming - Naturally Devine Herbal Apothecary Richmond VA

Womb Wellness Therapy Partnership $140
Womb Wellness Consultation + Starter supply of vaginal steam herb blend (5) steams + Two (2) follow up consultations and personalized womb wellness therapy plan.
Partnership Includes …
+ Comprehensive look at your womb history and menstrual cycle including patterns
+ Personalized Womb Wellness Therapy Plan
+ Custom Vaginal Steam Herb Blend
+ Herbal, Nutritional, and Lifestyle recommendations
+ Soulful & Continued support throughout our partnership
*BONUS* - Clients receive 10% off their purchase of our Devine Steam Sauna.
*Please note: You will receive (1) Vaginal Steam Herb Blend of five (5) steams with your initial womb wellness therapy plan. Further steam blends for 3 month plan will require purchase. Clients receive 15% off their additional orders of vaginal steam herb blends if you choose to continue your plan.
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