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Womb Wellness Crystal & Stone Set

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The womb wellness crystal & stone set was created to support your womb wellness. The set of stones can be used during your monthly menstrual cycle, as a part of your meditation practice, and reiki healing sessions. If you feel called to carry a specific crystal or stone with you in your bag or pocket, please do so.

This set includes (1) Selenite Wand, (1) Red Calcite, (1) Labradorite, (1) Rose Quartz, (1) Red Carnelian, and (1) Rainbow Moonstone. All pieces are natural, meaning not tumbled or polished. We have chosen to carry crystals and stones in their natural and raw form. Feel free to tumble if desired. All crystals and stones have been charged under the full moon and cleansed with sage.

Packaged in a large tin which is perfect to store your crystals and stones when not in use. A muslin bag is included for you to carry your stones around when away from home. A card with the names of each crystal and stone is included as well!

Selenite crystal is named after the Ancient Greek Moon Goddess Selene. Selenite glows with the moonlight and emmits radiance and harmony. Selenite is thought to have both emotional and physical benefits. Known to bring inner peace, protection from outside negativity. Placing selenite crystals at an entryway in your home is commonly used as protection to ward off negative energy. Thought to be useful for vitality, youthfulness, ADD, hyperactivity, fertility, pregnancy, bloating, PMS, menstruation and menopausal symptoms.

Zodiac: Cancer - Chakra: Crown and Sacral

Red Calcite is thought to assist with all menstrual problems, irregular ovulation, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, amenorrhea, painful menstruation, improvement of circulation and cleansing of the blood. Emotional benefits may include relief of anger in inappropriate ways and self harming thoughts.

Zodiac: Scorpio - Chakra: Sacral and Root

Red Carnelian is thought to help to stimulate, balance and heal women's reproductive system. It is also known to ease pms, irregular cycles, cramps and delayed menstrual cycle. Physical exhaustion, lack of energy, sex drive, improvement of appetite, cleansing of the blood, helps with circulation, gallbladder, liver, spleen, digestive disorders, self healing of the body. Rheumatoid Arthritis, bone and joint pain and arthritis.

Zodiac: Leo - Chakra: Solar Plexus

Labradorite is physically thought to help with PMS, menstruation, pain relief, bronchitis, respiratory complaints, lungs, metabolism, colds, digestion, brain disorders, gout, rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure. Emotional benefits may include reduction of anti-social, reckless or impulsive behavior in kids, teens, adults who are easily led by others.

Zodiac: Scorpio - Chakra: Brow and Root

Rainbow Moonstone is physically thought to assist with hormones, fertility, menstrual cycle, thyroid, pituitary gland, bowels and breast conditions or pain. Emotional benefits may include lunar energies with the optimism of rainbow. Feelings of being alone, lost or vulnerable feelings and emotional healings.

Zodiac: Cancer - Chakra: Sacral, Brow, Crown

Rose Quartz physically may help with circulation, healing mothers of a complicated birth. Stress related conditions, headaches, fertility, female reproductive system and healthy flow of fluids. Emotional benefits may include depression, postnatal depression, forgiving mistakes, your own and others. Rose quartz is also known to help overcome abuse of all kinds.

Zodiac: Taurus - Chakra: Heart


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