About us

Naturally Devine Herbal Apothecary

Unique Hutchinson is a Clinical Herbalist and founder of Naturally Devine Herbal Apothecary located in Richmond Virginia.  A small batch, herbal wellness brand. Born and raised in new york city until her teenage years when she and her family moved to richmond, va. Her personal connection to herbalism and love of plant medicine arose in her adult years after starting a family.
She began to pursue and find natural ingredients and methods to due to her own health ailments as well as her children’s eczema condition. She was fed up with the traditional health care system and the side effects to pharmaceutical medication that to no avail did not bring relief. She needed to know more than what was on the surface, she choose to pursue an herbal education full time with The Herbal Academy and completed her studies in the clinical herbalist path in 2017.
Unique’s small batch apothecary and wellness business offers whole body care and herbal wellness offerings. Unique also offers Herbal Wellness Consultations via video conference to local and long distance clients. She is very passionate about her path in herbalism, plant medicine and supporting others in need of support towards their health and wellness goals.