Vaginal Steam Consultations

Vaginal Steaming also known as Yoni Steaming is the ancient and universal practice that supports womb care and womb wellness. This practice is shared by women of many cultures and in various countries. Vaginal steaming is a natural form of hydrotherapy, utilizing an herbal infusion of medicinal plants and water. 

Uses for Vaginal Steaming...

Cleansing, Clotting, Cramps, Cysts, Fertility Issues, Fibroids, Heavy, Irregular or Absent Cycles, Low Libido, Menopausal, PCOS, Perimenopausal, Postmenopausal, Postpartum Care, Tightening of the Cervix, Vaginal Dryness, HPV, Vaginal Infections such as Yeast and Bacterial Vaginosis

Are you experiencing any of the above? If you can resonate with any of the following, schedule your Vaginal Steam Consultation today or Womb Wellness Consultation.


Vaginal Steam Consultations Online Naturally Devine Wellness Richmond Virginia


  An Initial Consultation is an in depth view of your menstrual cycle including patterns and possible imbalances. Upon scheduling your appointment, you are required to complete an intake form. By doing so, I can properly review and assess your cycle and concerns. Your vaginal steam plan will be customized to your specific menstrual cycle and womb needs.

Our time together, will take place via phone or video from the comfort of your own sacred space. During this time, you are able to go deeper with your concerns. I will provide soulful feedback but will dive deeper within your custom vaginal steam plan. You will receive your plan via email within 72 business hours. Your custom vaginal steam herbs will be mailed to you when you plan is created.
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