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White Sage Bundle

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White Sage has a long history of cleansing, healing and ritual use. Native americans consider white sage plant sacred, purifying and cleansing. It’s used for ceremonial, ritual and to cleanse negative energies. White Sage is currently on the United Plant Savers watch list as an at risk plant. With this is mind, I have sourced my white sage from a sustainable source that grows california white sage.

Your choice of 1 or 3 White Sage bundles. These bundles are 4 - 4.5” long.

Ceremonial & Ritual Use - The ritual of smudging has been practiced all throughout the world using various plants including white sage, juniper, mugwort, cedar and others.

Medicinal Use - White sage has medicinal properties such as astringent, antibacterial, carminative, antimicrobial, and immune boosting properties. Used in western herbalism as well as in traditional chinese medicine practices.

*sustainably sourced from california.

Light one end of the white sage wand with candle or lighter. Once ignited, let it burn for a few seconds, then extinguish the flames. Hold the smudge wand with fire safe and heat resistant holder underneath to catch any ashes that may fall. Walk around the space that your smudging while waving the smoke into the air. Once you have finished, carefully extinguish the smudge wand in a sand filled fire safe and heat resistant holder/bowl.

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